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College Road Housing – Princeton University

Two of the fourteen units in the historic 1922 College Road Apartments were destroyed by fire on January 10th  2008.   Designed by Park and Morgan Architects, the Tudor Revival structure houses Princeton University faculty and staff.  The University chose to rehabilitate the two apartments and to restore the exterior.


In the restoration, slate and stucco were replaced in kind.   Windows were replaced with more energy efficient units matching the original appearance and interior art glazing was replicated.  New exterior elements were designed to be compatible with the character of the building.


The rehabilitation also presented an opportunity for the University to improve safety, code-compliance and accessibility for these units.   The plans were re-worked to provide for 21st century living, using stained millwork and decorative elements similar to those destroyed in the fire.   Firewalls were improved and attic ventilation was added to improve thermal performance and energy efficiency.

College Road Housing – Restored Exterior

Full Project Description

Sheltered entrances with restored unit numbers to match found originals

Window Replacement Studies

Historical Society of Princeton Preservation Award 2011

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