Private Residence -
Princeton, NJ

This 1915 Colonial Revival house in the western section of Princeton has been completely reinvigorated in two phases – one that adapted the house for today’s lifestyle and another, completed in 2011, which involved an addition to the rear of the house, more than doubling its original size.

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Private Residence - Princeton, NJ    Private Residence - Pennington, NJ

Nestled in the woods on twenty-two acres in Pennington, NJ, this English Arts and Crafts house was originally built as a men’s private retreat house.   An entirely new entrance and foyer were added to establish a true ‘front door’ and provide for a dynamic connection to existing and many new spaces.   This seven-sided asymmetrical space draws from existing design motifs while exerting its own sense of presence and is entirely finished in oiled Spanish cedar.

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Hought-Smith Farmstead - Princeton, NJ  Houghton-Smith Farmstead - Princeton, NJ

The Houghton-Smith Farmstead was built just prior to the Revolutionary War and portions of the structure may be much older, possibly as old as 1709.
Situated directly on Stony Brook in the Princeton Battlefield/Stony Brook Settlement Historic District, the former 200-acre farm has been owned by several notable Princetonians including Dr. John Woodhull and Paul Tulane, as well as the Updike family.

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Hought-Smith Farmstead - Princeton, NJ  Crosswinds - Newtown, PA

Portions of Crosswinds date to a simple stuccoed stone original house of the eighteenth century, with a number of later additions allowing for kitchen, family room and other functions consistent with today’s lifestyle.

While the later work satisfies the program requirements of the owners, it also seeks to remain deferential to the classic style of the original house.   Elements such as classical columns, painted clapboard and wood shakes combine with a spectacular landscape plan by Groundswell Design Group of Hopewell, New Jersey. 

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Private Residence - Princeton, NJ   Private Residence - Princeton, New Jersey

One of the great houses on Morven Place built originally in 1905 with 1930s additions.   Work has included major interior renovations, replacement of ageing plumbing, heating and electrical work and bringing other spaces such as bathrooms up to date.   Recently a former sleeping porch was converted for use as a home office.

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Hodge Road, Princeton, NJ   Hodge Road, Princeton, New Jersey

This Neoclassical Revival house was designed by Sherley Morgan, third director of the School of Architecture at Princeton University for his own family and constructed in 1923.


Over the years we have completed several projects at this property including bringing many aspects of the house up to date, enclosing and modifying a former breezeway/entrance for use as a breakfast room and extensive interior modifications.  

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