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Tusculum Historic Residence - Princeton, NJ
was originally built in 1773 by Reverend John Witherspoon, President of The College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) and the only minister to sign the Declaration of Independence.  While he lived on the campus during his tenure as President, he used the Tusculum property as a tenant farm and later moved there in retirement.

The magnificent property, which also contains a great stone barn built by Commodore Stockton, passed through a number of hands, including, notably, Ario and Mary Winans Pardee, who moved to the house after the depression and sought to restore the residence, which had become ‘Victorianized’ over time.   In 1996 the present owners purchased the property and set about restoring and preserving historic fabric while adding spaces that complement the original American Colonial architecture in the later Colonial Revival style.  Wings were added to each side, yet most of the bulk of the additions were made to the rear and thus do not impact the front façade.   A terrace room was added to allow for primary circulation between new wings that avoids travel through period spaces.  A large second floor living room also has access to an exterior roof terrace that can accommodate more than 100 people.  In all, over 6,000 square feet were added, including significant rooms below grade with a wine tasting room and a wine cellar that has a capacity of well over 3,000 bottles.

Historic viewsheds have been preserved in perpetuity through farmland preservation and deeded open space.

Photography by Michael Slack
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